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Art Instructors

Our art instructors are highly qualified, experienced, motivated, and
exceptionally talented teachers who earn their living as professional artists.
They all are experienced in working with young children. They teach their
students on an individual basis, allow them to work at their own pace,
motivating, encouraging, and challenging them according to the student’s
own strengths and skill level.

Meet Our Art Instructors . . . .

Elaine Kim :  Graduated from the Art Center College of Design with B.F.A.
with an emphasis in Illustration.  She used to work for Comedy Central
Animation as Technical Director.  She is currently freelancing 3D animation
and illustrations.  She enjoys to paint full size figure paintings.

Gabriella Guzman: Graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2015
with a BFA in Illustration and Fine Art, and has worked in multiple schools
teaching adults with special needs and children.
She's extremely passionate about helping people grow their happiness and
self worth, and loves that being an art teacher allows her to connect with
people. Aside from teaching, she is a portrait artist, has 2 cats, and loves to

Ako Castuera :  Graduated from L.A. County High School for the Arts and
received her B.F.A. from California College of Arts and Cracfts. For the last
six years she has taught art classes at schools and studios to students of all
ages. She also works as a freelance illustrator and character designer, and is
an exhibiting artist.

Lureline Kohler :  Twenty five years of experience in the animation field.
Worked on sixteen full length animated feature films for Walt Disney Studios,
Hanna Barbera, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks. She taught Quick Fashion
Sketch at Otis Parsons and Assistant Animation at Dreamworks Studios.
She is currently teaching classes in illustration and painting at Art Center
College of Design.

Stephanie Amend :   Graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design
with a BFA in photography. She taught 7th and 8th grade drawing for two
years. She currently is a freelance photographer and works at an art gallery.
She loves Chinese painting, Yoga, and Tai Chi.
Art Classes
for Children and Adults