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                  Art Studio for Kids Registration Form

Student’s name:                                                                                            Age:

Parent/Guardian’s name:


Daytime telephone:                                           Evening telephone:  

Cell Phone:                                                       E-mail address:

The following individuals have my unrestricted permission to pick up the above child
from Art Studio for Kids without any further confirmation from me.

Name:                                         Phone:                                     Relationship:

Name:                                         Phone:                                     Relationship:

Emergency Contacts (local alternates to whom student may be released if        
parent/guardian cannot be reached):

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Does your child have any allergies we should know about?

Class Choice  (Include at least two choices in case your first choice is filled or         

* First Choice:      Day                               Time                             Date to start

* Second Choice: Day                               Time                             Date to start

How did you hear about us?    

Registration Instruction

Please complete the form and mail to Art Studio for Kids along with first tuition and
one-time registration fee ($25.00 - Art Classes only).      

* Please make check payable to
Art Studio for Kids and mail to

1832 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena, CA  91030   

Parent/Guardian’s Signature:                                                             Date:
Registration:  If you do not hear from us within 3 days after you submit
                         the registration, please call or email us.

To reserve a space:  Class registration is on a first come, first served
                                      basis on receipt of payment.
                                      Please make check payable to  Art Studio for Kids
                                      and mail to
                                     1832 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena, CA 91030.
Art Classes
for Children and Adults