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Our Tutoring Service

Tutoring Studio (Grades: K-8)

We offer high quality and affordable tutoring service for all students who are in
need of such assistance. Our tutoring service is dedicated to helping students
achieve their academic goals.


All subjects for grades K-8


Please call our office (323) 259-0370 to make an arrangement.

Tuition Rates

$50.00 per hour (Private session)
$35.00 per hour per student (Semi Private – 2 students)
$25.00 per hour per student (Semi Private – 3 students)

Tutor - Julie Ireland : She is currently employed as a substitute teacher in two
public school districts and three private schools. She has completed her 8th year
of substitute teaching in all subjects for K-8th grade. She is friendly, patient, and
perceptive to her individual student's needs. She will teach students according to
their needs. Parents can discuss with the teacher in person on the first day of
session or email requests before the first day of session.  

Cancellation Policy

We must be notified at least 48 hours in advance of cancellation, except in the
case of a medical emergency or you will be charged for the time.

Returned Checks

All returned checks and NSF bank drafts will be charged a handling fee of
$50.00 per check.